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Sessions with The Slim Co™ are easy, painless, and carefree.

Each weight loss session takes less than an hour;

the slimming machines are used for a total of 10-15 minutes. The therapy is applied to the targeted area, which is generally the waist, hips, or thighs, for 10-15 minutes. The minimum suggested treatment period is two weeks, with three full sessions each week. You should consult your technician about the maximum results for your body type, weight, and target loss.

Many clients have described the session as relaxing, and even Zen. Some even try to catch up on phone calls with friends and loved ones as they lie down. You simply lie in a comfortable, stationary position for 10-15 minutes at a time, in a relaxed environment, while the machine does all of the work.

weight loss session with The Slim Co easy, painless, and carefree
Weight Loss Session with The Slim Co easy, painless, and carefree

Since our fat loss technology is on the cutting edge, you feel nothing during the procedure. You may feel a bit different and lighter as you exit the treatment center due to the bio-stimulation that begins in your body.

You are always welcome to listen to music, or just close your eyes and rest during the procedure. Listening to white noise such as running water or ocean waves is always a relaxing way to spend the sessions. Ultimately, the treatment with the Slim Co™ is a stark contrast to traditional methods of fat reduction procedures such as liposuction and gastric-bypass surgery. With our fat loss technology, you can simply lie down, relax, and let the Slim Co™ do all the work.