10 Recommended Tips And Techniques For Effective Weight Loss

Losing undesired fat from your body is a tedious routine. It can take weeks, if not months and years to lose the desired amount of fat in your body. Fast weight loss programs available in the market today can help you achieve that. Non-invasive weight loss services like the one The Slim Co offers can…Read More

Targeted Weight Loss: Decrease Body Fat Using LED Light Technology

Burning excessive body mass is always desirable for everyone. Most of us seek solutions that will help you relax while you shed the extra pounds effortlessly. Well, previously this was just a distance dream, but now it is a reality. Thanks to the new weight loss non-invasive methodology and machines, it has become rather easy…Read More

7 Easy Ways You Can Steel Yourself Mentally To Lose Weight

Unhealthy weight gain is one of the leading causes for many health concerns. It is not surprising to find obesity a growing concern in today’s generation given the stressful lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, and lack of physical activities. In this digital age, it is easy to educate oneself about the dangerous effects of weight gain…Read More

What To Expect From The Ever Evolving Field Of Laser Body Sculpting

Weight loss has been an eternal struggle for many people. People have always been on the quest for the ideal weight loss procedure that can help them maintain an amazing and healthy body shape for life. Given all the advances in the medical field, many new procedures have been found that helps people deal with…Read More

Top 5 Weight Loss And Nutrition Myths Debunked

The urge to quit unhealthy eating habits and hitting the gym strikes us every year. But before you resolve to any New Year health goals, equip yourself with the right knowledge about health and fitness. Weight loss and nutrition myths are abundant and it’s important to formulate the right diet and fitness plan only after…Read More

Top 15 Apps That Promise To Make Your Weight Loss Journey Fun

Given how technologically advanced this era is, it is not surprising to find an app for just about anything under the sun. Apart from a technology-obsessed world, this is also a highly fitness conscious generation. The unhealthy lifestyles, environmental concerns, and comfort factor of processed food, has taken its toll on the physical, mental, and…Read More

Research Behind Weight Loss Supplements Part Two

In continuation of our original article, since there are so many weight-loss supplements out there, we are taking another look at yet more supplements on the market today: Glucomannan Also known by the name of konjac, this is a type of fiber derived from elephant yam roots. The Claim:  This product claims to reduce appetite…Read More

Research Behind Weight Loss Supplements Part One

There are a lot of products available today proclaiming to help you lose weight.  Sadly, the majority offer little to nothing and are based on nothing more than hearsay, biased research (funded by someone with a financial interest in the product), or in some cases, has claims that are completely made up with absolutely no…Read More

Lose Weight Safe and Fast

Lose Weight Safe and Fast If losing weight were easy, obesity would not be the issue that it is today.  However, while it may be challenging, it can most certainly be done.  There are some good ideas out there, as well as some common misconceptions.  So, let’s explore a few weight loss strategies and see…Read More

Cardio Exercise for Weight Loss: The Target Heart Rate

Cardio Exercise for Weight Loss: The Target Heart Rate Losing weight isn’t as easy as simply cutting back calories and going for a walk around the block.  Caloric minimums must be maintained and a certain amount of cardiovascular exertion must be performed to get modest results.  So, today we are going to cover the basics…Read More