These are cold led Laser-like lipo machines newly designed for reducing body fat. Those who prefer trimmer body structure with minimal effort can benefit from this machine. Unlike liposuction, it is more convenient and a safer method.

What is laser-like lipo machine?

It is a specific type of machine to remove the excess fat stored in the body by passing laser over that area. It is a noninvasive method to spot the fat.

Areas that can be treated using the machine

  • Tummy
  • Upper thighs/arms
  • Buttocks
  • Knees
  • Back
  • waist

Difference between laser lipo machine and laser suction

Lipo laser and laser suction sound lot alike and both ease fat. But the laser lipo machines use advanced laser technology, while the traditional liposuction employs more intrusive surgery. The procedure is fast and the patients recover in a shorter period of time.

How does it work?

Step 1: Trained physicians locate the area where the excess fats are to be removed.

Step 2:  A low-wave laser is ran over the targeted highly fatted area.

Step 3:  The machine stimulates the cell itself to release water, glycerol, and fatty acids, resulting in the shrinking of skin.

Step 4:  The liquid is pumped out through small dissection in the skin.

Step 5:  Over 400 calories can be removed from your fat cell reducing the overall layers of fat.

Step 6: The number of treatment sessions may differ person to person and numbers of pounds lost.

Benefits of laser-like lipo machine

  • It acts as an optimum tool for body sculpting without losing a pound.
  • The results are promising.
  • It doesn’t leave your skin sagging as the laser itself acts as a skin-tightening agent.
  • Unlike liposuction, this is a lot safer and effective.
  • Any part of your skin can be treated through this machine.
  • The method is less intrusive so the patients experience fewer traumas.
  • The laser coagulates the blood during the procedure reducing the internal swelling.

Is it safe?

Lipolysis machines have been in practice for the past decade and people all over the world have reported treatment to be painless, effective and safe. This treatment will suit people who want to reduce a bit of weight by concentrating on certain problem areas like hips, thighs, arms, etc.

Few drawbacks of laser-like lipo machine

It causes numbness and discolorations around the treated area. The cost of the procedure is not covered medically. It causes minor skin burns and nerve injury.

Is it right for you?

Laser-like lipo machine is exclusive for removing stubborn fats where the regular diet and exercise wouldn’t work. People who are obese and people who haven’t achieved any desired effect from the conventional therapies are an obvious choice for this treatment. However, the laser liposuction may differ from person to person and how their body responds to the laser lipo procedure. Interested candidates may do some online research on their own.

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