Weight loss has been an eternal struggle for many people. People have always been on the quest for the ideal weight loss procedure that can help them maintain an amazing and healthy body shape for life. Given all the advances in the medical field, many new procedures have been found that helps people deal with their pesky weight issues and get their desired body shape.

Among the many cosmetic procedure trends, body fat melting or fat zapping procedures are gaining quite the popularity. And, many of these procedures can be done without any extensive surgeries, which makes them even more popular among people who are not only looking to lose weight but also tone their body to perfection. In this regard, laser body sculpting has become a highly sought-after procedure among people who are conscious about their body weight and shape.

Doctors and patients alike are excited by the prospect of having new technologies that can attack fat without the hassles of surgery. While all these new technologies make it easier for you to get your desired results without the pain and downtime of surgery, it is imperative that the patients investigate all their options and the potential outcomes of each procedure. Patients need to understand their motivations of undertaking any such procedure, and do it in consultation with their medical practitioner.

What kinds of patients are likely to undergo a body sculpting procedure?

  • Fitness focused individuals are likely candidates for such kind of procedures. Since they are keen on looking their best, they look for alternatives to help them with stubborn pockets of fat or help tighten their sagging skin. This is usually required for people who have experienced significant weight changes.
  • Women who have gone through a pregnancy also undertake this surgery to help them regain their body’s shape post pregnancy. A pregnant woman’s body undergoes major changes, and stretching of the skin and scarring is one of the common conditions pregnant women face. Hence, women who are unhappy with their tummy area or any other area turn to laser body sculpting to help them get back into their pre-pregnancy shape.
  • Some people who suffer from obesity use bariatric surgery to aid in weight loss. However, post this surgery, they are left with sagging skin and fat deposits in various areas of their bodies. Laser body sculpting helps them take care of the sagging skin, and gives them a perfectly toned body.
  • Such procedures are also helpful for individuals who think they lack the ideal body shape or just want to enhance any part of their body. Given a great emphasis on looking a certain way, it is not surprising to find more and more people resorting to such measures to match up to the image of the perfect body.

Understanding the pros and cons of every procedure

While many of these procedures offer the intended results for many people, you need to do your research before you decide to undergo any of these procedures, and understand how it can help you achieve your goal. You need a solution that gives long lasting and consistent results without any complications. Doing your research on these procedures will help you make an informed decision, as you will be well aware of what each procedure can and cannot accomplish.

Some of the bumps you could face are:

  • Not all techniques will give you a lasting solution.
  • Some procedures can be time intensive and more costly compared to other procedures.
  • If you do not choose your doctor wisely, you could end up facing complications in these fat zapping procedures. And, problems that occur on account of untrained physicians are not always fixable.
  • Even if the problem is fixable, it might involve costly revisions or multiple procedures.

Hence, it is very important for patients to know what each procedure entails and where they get it done and who is administering their treatment. Even though it is a non-invasive treatment, it still requires an expert who has extensive experience in performing these procedures and a comprehensive understanding of anatomy, physiology, and the various fat removal processes.

What is new in the field of body sculpting?

Plastic and cosmetic surgeons have seen a rise in the number of requests for laser body sculpting in their offices. As more and more importance is given to losing weight and getting back into shape, body sculpting procedures are going to see a rising demand. As more and more research is done in this field, newer and more advanced techniques are being introduced that help patients lose the excess fat and take care of the sagging skin. The advanced techniques deliver the results without any pain and less recovery time.

Some of the body sculpting procedures that have been in use for a long time now are:

  • Liposuction or liposculpture for removal of body fat.
  • Tummy tucks which involves surgical repair of the abdominal muscles and removal of excess, saggy, and overstretched skin.
  • Body lift which involves removal of excess skin from the arms, thighs, breasts, back, or any other part of the body, either after a significant weight loss, post pregnancy, or any other reason.

The newer methods of body sculpting include:

  • Removal of fat from one area of the body and fat grafting into another area of the body.
  • Temperature based fat removal like fat freezing or heating methods.

Even though the procedures involve non-invasive methods, it should always be administered under the hands of a properly trained and qualified doctor in order to see best results with no complications. If you get the procedure done under unskilled hands, there is the likelihood of unsightly divots, bumps, and lumps. And, it could also result in getting multiple procedures done to take care of the problem.

While the advances in the medical field has proved to be a boon and has provided people with many options for taking care of their body, the patient has a huge responsibility in doing their research before embarking on getting any body sculpting procedure done. Your satisfaction post the procedure requires getting the procedure done under experienced, trained, and qualified medical supervision.

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