Often we tend to plan shopping trips or hang out with friends close to lunch time or dinner time so that we can have a meal treat outside, and that has to include few junk meal items for sure!

Also, when we are alone shopping, we are sure to get tempted as we walk down the aisle have all those goodies, which taste so good on the tongue, but sure are harsh on our bellies and hips.

It is necessary to use some tactics so that we can pull ourselves away from that impulsive shopping the next time we step out of our homes. We cannot tend to spend our money aimlessly each time we go out to shop, hence to save our precious time & money, it is imperative that we strengthen our will power & be well armed with our good sense & discretion, to guard ourselves against those junk food temptations!

Following are some of the ways we can employ to help ourselves better as we make better choices when out shopping & are able to say ‘NO’.

Plan your to-be-bought items list before stepping out

It is always best to plan your shopping trip so that unnecessary items aren’t picked in the process. In cases when your trips are unplanned as happens when friends are around, you can try to make a mental list, however, it is most difficult to keep tab on the purchases with friends since it’s taken for granted that you have stepped out to splurge when with friends;)

So, in this case, the only strategy which can be used is that limit such group shopping trips to once or twice a month.

Avoid stepping into the junk foods aisle or to a street food vendor

When you are shopping for yourself, you may well be aware of the junk foods corner or areas in the super market you frequently visit. In this case, avoid hanging out in those areas. You can even look out for bypass streets if the most commonly used street has quite a few street food joints on the way.

Be Introspective

As you pick each item off the shelf, think twice whether it should actually go into your shopping bag. Remembering stocked supplies of items at home while shopping, helps a lot in avoiding hoarding of unnecessary food supplies.

Carry few handy, healthy snacks for yourselves from home

It is best to either carry a small pack of roasted almonds or nuts or roasted gram & peanuts which you can munch on as you make your shopping rounds. Or you can even buy yourself a healthy snack bar to satisfy your taste buds & feel that you aren’t excessively depriving yourself.

Choose the shopping bucket and ditch the shopping cart

Pick the shopping bucket when you enter the shopping arena, in this way, there shall be limited items chosen as compared to the shopping cart.

Have a big meal before going shopping

Each time you go shopping you can have a huge nutritious meal so that you can overcome the temptation of impulsive eating of street food/junk food. Try to return back before the next meal. Always keep yourself hydrated on-the-go as it staves off pseudo hunger.

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