Many Face a specific problem with their weight: Despite a balanced diet, curbing favorite food and regular exercise, certain fat pockets in the body prove to be particularly stubborn. These accumulated fatty areas are most common around thighs, stomach, waist, hip, back, knees and the upper arms. Whether you want to zap away the love handles or eliminate the sagging thighs, there are many non-invasive weight loss surgeries that can be effective in attaining the desired body goals.

Treatments like laser-like lipo offered by The Slim Co, use gentle LED technology. The treatment helps dispel stubborn inches from common problem areas. The non-operative methods of fat removal have been further developed over the last couple of years, so you can now opt for body contouring without the need for surgery. For non-operative body contouring, you can choose from the various treatments offered in the market:

  • Cryolipolysis
  • Radio Frequency Therapy (RF)
  • Ultrasound
  • LED Technology

Fat suction through cryolipolysis or LED technology

The most common methods in the non-surgical fat removal now include cryolipolysis and laser-like lipo. The excess fat deposits are killed sing extremely low temperatures, using special cooling elements in cryolipolysis. In this approach, the fat cells crystallize faster than other cells under the influence of cold. The surrounding tissue is spared, and the body gradually degrades the fat cells decomposed by the controlled weather. When treating with LED technology based laser-like lipo, the fat deposits within the body are targeted and emulsified using controlled and gentle concentration of heat.

What treatment works best for a person, is decided after proper consultation with a doctor. In the treatment, the cells are heated. As a result of the heat, the metabolism of the fetal cells is accelerated, they shrink, and the high temperatures stimulate the breakdown of the fatty acids stored in the fetal cells. At the same time, this therapy results in a tightening of the collagen fibers and thus ensures an improved skin contour.

Who can opt for non-surgical fat removal?

Body contouring without surgery is especially suitable for people who complain about individual problem fat areas and would like to tackle them as gently as possible. Since there are a range of body-contouring procedures today, targeting specific parts on the body is easier and doable.

This method is less suitable for people with large-scale fat deposits or a significantly high body mass index. For example, excess fat deposits can be treated on the thighs, the stomach, the arms, the calves, the knees and the hip. Some of these methods contribute not only to the reduction of the fat cells but also to tightening of skin and tissue.

Application of body contouring without surgery

The non surgical fat removal procedure like body contouring and laser-like lipo should be able to effectively treat almost all problem areas – as long as they are problem zones and you are not dealing with extreme weight gain. The most common problem areas include fat on the thighs, fat deposit on the hips and around the belly, fat in the inside of the thighs, upper arm as well as the knees and calves. Some of the methods used also contribute to the improvement of tissue structure, e.g. cellulite or loose skin. Non-surgical body contouring is safe and offers patients with the desired body.

The secret to effective weight loss

Proper weight loss is based on three fundamental principles – safety, efficiency, and comfort.

What do you mean by safe? It is when you follow a healthy diet and combine it with the right weight loss treatment to attain a healthy result. Diet should be in accordance to the body’s needs and make sure that your diet and habits do not mess up the effects of treatments like laser-like lipo.

Therefore, you need to pass the pre-screening of your weight and body proportions before picking the right weight loss treatment. The goal is to improve overall health and not just lose inches. Experts like The Slim Co, understand what works best for your body after proper monitoring of your problem areas and your body’s reception to the treatment.

The treatment is not a magical solution, which is why you need to continue giving attention to your weight even after the treatment is over. Make sure to adopt healthy diet and exercise practices that do not lead to exhaustion, depression and fatigue. Along with the non-invasive weight treatment, choose to consult a nutritionist who can help you with a wholesome and comprehensive diet plans.

The Expert Touch

During the first specialist consultation, these are some of the aspects that will be analyzed and discussed:

  • Your eating habits and lifestyle
  • Checking for any specific diseases that affect weight
  • Measurements are done (weigh and measure the fat in the body)
  • Calculate the excess body weight
  • Work with the patient to determine their goal
  • Discuss and decide the right non-invasive weight loss treatment

Non-surgical fat removal is a complicated process which takes into consideration many factors that include: physical fitness, nutrition, health, lifestyle, relationships and the environment. Some people find it difficult to figure out where to begin, and it is important to be sure that they do a proper research before choosing any specific weight loss treatment. Typical weight loss programs offered by medical centers and clinics take into account all these factors and more.

A Typical Non-invasive Weight Loss Treatment Plan

Although there are different weight loss treatments and programs in the market, they are adapted based on the specific requirements of an individual. Taking into account the many factors that can affect weight loss, there is a specific process or method that each doctor uses. Most weight loss programs certainly includes a diet and fitness, but non-surgical fat removal treatments offer the right tools to tackle excess weight and regain the lost confidence.

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