Focusing On Calories Might Make Body Deficient in Nutrients

Focusing On Calories Might Make Your Body Deficient in Nutrients

Trying to lose weight and you thought counting your calories would help? Many dieticians recommend counting calories in order to lose weight but this is an incorrect practice. While focusing on calories, many important facts are neglected. Not only is it a mere waste of time, it also has many other adverse effects on your health.

When you focus only on the calories, you often oversee the pleasure of eating. Eating should be a joyful thing to do. If you just keep on counting the calories of the food in front of you, it becomes a rather stressful situation and you’re not able to enjoy your meal. Keeping a track of the calories also means that you have to be highly calculative and you might have to eat foods that don’t taste very nice. Often you need to look for substitutes in order to restrict your intake of extra calories.

Let’s face it. It involves too much math and is really frustrating. Imagine you’re just back from work and your little one offers you some chips from his/her plate. It would be really rude to say no to the child and moreover, how can you resist the love and affection your child shows? If you’re at work and feel like munching something after a tiring meeting, your calorie counter will stop you from doing that too.

Another side effect of focusing on calories is that you don’t eat many healthy foods. You are only trying to eat those foods that are less in calories and in this process you make your body deficient in many important nutrients. Many people try and avoid foods that contain fats since they have more calories but they forget that some amount of fat is required in the body to keep the bones lubricated. One must remember that foods which contain fewer calories are not always rich in nutrients!

People who focus on counting calories also report that they feel hungry very often and don’t know what to eat. Foods that fulfill your calorie needs might not always be as filling and this may leave your tummy empty more often. While focusing on calories, many a times, you don’t even realize what portion sizes you’ve eaten and is it really sufficient for your body. The quality of the food that we eat is more important than the quantity of food. Ideally one should always eat something when hunger pangs are felt. If you don’t eat, it might decrease your sugar levels.

Instead of counting each and every calorie, it is better to eat foods that are nutritious and healthy. Also, one must include regular exercise in their daily schedule. If you really want to restrict something, lower your intake of fried and sugary foods. By doing this, you don’t restrict yourself and you’re still able to eat some of your favorite foods and relish them. Small changes in your diet can go a long way in decreasing the risk of various diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

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